Funny thing called memory

I don’t know when I realized that my head was screwed on a little differently than others

It happened but I can’t remember

Because the screw that is on my memories is a little lose

People don’t always believe me when I say I have bad memory

Because when you have something that you and most people you know have it’s hard to imagine not having it

I wish there was some deeper meaning that I could share but there’s nowhere to go with this

It’s just supposed to be sad : (

A little bit like Scrooge

This year is different

In so many ways

But I think the best difference

Was that I didn’t force a smile once

And I didn’t forget to say thank you

I’m not saying this year was perfect

Far from in fact

I still had times when it was hard

I still had times I felt pain

But for the first time in a long time

I enjoyed this time of the year

With all my emotions present


Dozens of birds

Fly through the sky

Hauntingly beautiful

And entirely terrifying

Miles and miles they fly

Each with only one eye

We run and hide

Those who are caught

By the monsters sight

You tend to find them dead

In some remote spot

Welcome to the brain

Click click

Click click

Click click

I’m sitting here in class

Trying to write a letter

It’s to me in twenty years


Click click

I can’t focus

Someone has a pen

That they’re clicking like the Instagram of their best friend

But I just need to focus

Cause this letter’s for a grade

Click click

Dear me,


Have you found the solution

Cause I’ve tried to read books and blogs

Click click click click click

what was I saying


What happened to them

oh right

The books and blogs are always talking about how to raise a child like me

But I’m the child and almost an adult

So how do I function now

Cause the treatments I’ve heard of don’t work for me

I know

I’ve tried


It would be so easy if I could just focus

But that stupid pen just keeps clicking and clicking

Why are they even clicking their pen that much

Or is it even a pen

Maybe it’s just a loud mechanical pencil

Speaking of pencils

I need to sharpen my pencil

Does the teacher have a sharpener in this room

Maybe I should just get one to keep in my bag

I’ll stop by the store later today

Didn’t I have a list of things I needed to get

I should check to see if I have a list on my phone

Oh, I got a notification for my email

It’s from a college

Oh right, I need to finish my applications

Why didn’t I finish them yesterday?

My computer died

Did I leave the cord in my bedroom?

I should probably clean my room

I was looking for something in there yesterday

What was it?


I was looking for chapstick

I should probably just



Oh right, the letter

I suppose its time I let you know

This is it this is your last warning.

Turn away now if you wish to never know my real identity.

The following videos are narrations of past pieces

I am not human

The juxtaposition of humanity

Do not make sacrifices to the sea. It knows who’s blood it wants


Moonlit night

Goodbye baby vl.1

Goodbye baby vl.2

Little fish, swim with me.

The sea will feast on whom it desires. Running will be fruitless.

Thank you for this journey.

Let’s keep walking together.